What does a wedding planner actually do on wedding day?

Months of planning go into a wedding, but the day itself can feel like it flies by.


I’m sure your fiancé has asked, “why do we even need a wedding planner?”


Here’s a recent run-down of the 24 hours from the night before to late the night after of what my team is actually doing (of course, this is just one wedding, your timeline will be customized to your wedding day details!):


The night before…


I run the ceremony rehearsal, making sure everyone knows their cues and how to enter and exit.


The day of…


7am – I check in with the bride to make sure hair and make-up have arrived and she’s feeling great – it’s wedding day!


7:30am – I make sure that brunch is on the way! Coffee and bagels, mimosas and fresh fruit, whatever you and your bridesmaids need to start the day right. I also drop off a steamer and an intern to steam all the bridesmaid dresses.


8am – I head to the venue. The tent is arriving, dance floor is being set up and tables and chairs are arriving. I make sure everything is set up correctly and start making calls if anything doesn’t arrive as expected.

9am – The décor company arrives to set up chandeliers and draping. The photography team and videographer arrives and I walk them through the property to make sure they know the layout and can pick out ideal spots for photos.


10am – At this particular wedding the couple’s cocktail hour includes lawn games, so I set up bag toss, ladder ball, and horseshoes.


10:30am – I head to the church to set up the aisle runner.


11am – Lunch is being sent up to the bridal suite, I make sure it’s set and fully vegan, per the bride’s request.


11:30am – First look is coming up, so I go check in with the bride and make sure she’s getting her dress on. I carry a crochet hook in my emergency kit because dresses with real buttons are almost impossible to button & unbutton by hand (your groom will probably want to invest in one for later as well!)


11:45pm – I also check in with the groom to make sure he knows where to be when. If one of the groomsmen has something awry (too small pants, vest that’s not the right color, tie with a stain on it…) I’ll send an intern out to grab a replacement.


12pm – The couple does their first look! I grab a tissue for the groom’s tears.


2:15pm – Catering arrives and tables begin to be set up. DJ arrives and sets up two set ups (one in the tent which goes until 10pm, one for late-night dancing, which will take place inside)


2:30pm – I check in with harp player to make sure she’s ready to play the ceremony prelude. The bridal party arrives at the church and I tuck the bride and groom away in separate rooms.


3pm – Ceremony begins! I send the bridal party down the aisle, making sure people process evenly. I hold onto any tiny members of the bridal party (flower girls always want to run down the aisle early!).


4:00pm – Ceremony ends – I bustle the bride so no one steps on her dress during the cocktail hour!


4:10pm – The bridal party is heading out on a boat for brief private cocktail hour – I send an intern on the boat to keep track of them and make sure they’re back in time to greet guests!


5:00pm – My team organizes the receiving line.


6:10pm – Guests are seated, I cue the father of bride for his welcome and priest for his blessing.


6:15pm – Buffet opens. As guests sit back down, I cue the first speeches.


7:52pm – Sunset. I have the newlyweds pop out with the photographer to grab a few photos during golden hour.


8:30pm – Bouquet toss!


10pm – Pizza is delivered for the late night snack. I communicate with the DJ throughout the night so they know when to make an announcement like this. During downtime, I pack your gifts, and any miscellaneous décor that’s no longer needed. I deliver the gifts the next morning.


12pm – Send the couple off! At the end of the night I pack the linens and stack all the chairs to get them ready for pick up first thing.


You want your bridesmaids to take you to your after party, not doing tear down at midnight! My job is to make sure you have nothing to worry about and your guests actually get to be guests.


Meet the Interns!


“I want to help people make their big day as effortless as possible, so they are able to enjoy this special time with family and friends!” –Gabi, SJP Intern

This season we have four SJP interns. They’re the behind-the-scenes girls who make sure each place setting is perfect and flower is in place. They light the candles, corral your bridesmaids and make sure grandpa gets his boutonniere.

Gabi Gothard is from Burnsville, Minnesota. She’s an Event Management major at Iowa State University. Maggie Selner, of Apple Valley, Minnesota, is a student at the University of St. Thomas. Whitney Anderson is from Edina, Minnesota and a Communication Studies major pursuing a Certificate in Event Planning from the University of Iowa. Rachel Wallace is from Blaine, Minnesota.

How are they liking it so far? Maggie said, “I love the fast pace environment [of wedding planning], the endless avenues of creativity and design, and working hard to bring perfection to someone’s special day.”


Interested in becoming an intern? Email us at jane@seejaneplan.net!

Meet Amanda

Amanda is a Farmington, Minnesota native and University of Iowa graduate. She’s been on the See Jane Plan team since 2016 and there’s no one I trust more to make your wedding magical (she even handled the day-of logistics for my own wedding!). Here she talks about what she loves about her job and why you don’t want your new sister-in-law calling the caterer…

What do you like most about being a planner?

I love to get to know each couple and their story and then produce an event that highlights the unique things about their relationship. Bring me your Pinterest boards, magazine cutouts, and Instagram saves, and I’ll help you design a truly unforgettable wedding!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned working for SJP?

If you don’t hire a planner and simply ask your friends and family to do things for you, then they are no longer guests – they’re working! Having a planner allows for family to enjoy themselves on your wedding day.

What’s your number one wedding planning tip?

Don’t get so focused on the wedding that you forget about the marriage. When you work with See Jane Plan, we will take care of all the wedding planning stress. Give your focus and attention to creating a marriage that lasts a lifetime.


Meet Jane

A little about me – I grew up in Minnesota, but spent summers on my grandparents’ farm in Missouri, where I learned about hard work and southern hospitality. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in Hospitality Management, I worked for several years in the hospitality industry. In 2015, I launched See Jane Plan!

I started See Jane Plan because I wanted to help people be more in the moment on the most important days of their life. Being a planner means I focus on making sure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on enjoying the day.

I’ve planned everything from black tie events to backyard barbecues. I’ve helped brides plan the day they’ve been dreaming about since they were a little girl, and I’ve worked with couples who aren’t sure where to start. What matters most to me, is that in the end, it’s a day that feels like you.

In 2016, I married my college sweetheart Keric. We live in Minneapolis with our rescue dog Chili.

I hope this site is a resource to take the stress out of planning, so you can focus on what’s most important!

Please feel free to email me anytime at jane@seejaneplan.net, or find me on Instagram @see_jane_plan. Thank you so much for reading!