Q&A with Photographer Jaimee Morse


Jaimee Morse is a wedding photographer and entrepreneur. We asked Jaimee what it’s like to photograph in-love couples, her stance on iPhone photography at ceremonies, and the craziest thing that’s ever happened at a wedding she was shooting (hint… it involved a wedding do-over!). Here’s what she had to say:

As a photographer, what’s your stance on iPhone photography at weddings? The more the photographers the merrier? Or is it a distraction? 

During the ceremony I would say a strong “NO” to iPhone photography. When your guests are told to put away their phones for the ceremony it allows them to fully be present during the ceremony rather than focusing on capturing an Instagramable picture. And I can’t even tell you how many gorgeous photos during a ceremony have been ruined by Aunt So-and-So who decides to stand up in front of me, or lean waaaay over into the center aisle just to grab one, grainy picture. Any other time during the wedding day I have no problem with it!

What tips do you have for brides to make sure their photos come out great?

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony consult with your photographer on the best location for you to be standing. I have quite a few weddings where the venue was gorgeous but the ceremony was outside and how the sun hit during the entire ceremony made it so the brides face was extremely highlighted and the groom was in the shade- and there’s not really much we as photographers can do about that in post-processing. Carve out even just 10 minutes to take sunset pictures. Always try to take family formals outside as these will most likely be the photos that are hung up in your parent’s home so you want them to look as best as possible and natural lighting always looks best.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened during a wedding you were working? 

I shot a wedding once where the officiant pronounced the couple “husband and wife”, they kissed, and walked down the aisle to their guests cheering only to realize that they had forgotten to exchange the rings. So they went back up the aisle and started over. Everyone thought it was hilarious and I’m sure it’s something they won’t forget!

Getting Ready: The Essentials


You know how the best part of a night out is always getting ready with your girlfriends? Well the ultimate getting ready party is the morning of your wedding. It’s an excuse to sip mimosas, get ready and count down your last hours as a single gal.


Here are a few tips to have a great morning:

1. Think about the space – if you’re going to take getting ready photos, a space with bright, natural light space will photograph best. Often hotels will offer you a bridal suite at the room rate if you fill a certain number of rooms in the room block. To keep things simple, it can be fun to have a sleepover with your bridesmaids the night before in the suite (and then there’s no need to worry about latecomers in the morning!).

2. Think through your start time – If you’ll be having your hair and make-up done professionally, stylists usually want 30-40 minutes per head for hair and make-up artists will need the same for make-up.

3. Musichappy music can keep you feeling calm the morning of.

4. Food – keep everyone fed and well hydrated. I recommend hot coffee and a fridge full of LaCroix and mimosas (even better when served in these)!

Lunch the day of is something brides often forget about – you may be too nervous to eat, but avoid hangry bridesmaids by providing bagels and fruit, vegan donuts, or other bites.

5. Casual but cute – a great gift for your bridesmaids is something that will pull getting ready photos together. Soft PJs or robes are good options (go for something that can be opened/unbuttoned without smearing make-up!).


Father of the Bride Toasts


One of the most common questions I get from brides today is about Father of the Bride toasts – while some dads are ready to gush, more often, it can be hard for dads to capture how much they love you and what this day means to them in a few paragraphs.


If your dad is struggling to find the words for your big day, this “Dad Libs” works like a charm:


It works well to end the speech with a toast. A traditional one like this is always an option:

May you have a happy and successful marriage.

May God bless your marriage and your children.

May we remind you that a good marriage is based on friendship as well as love.

When children find true love, their parents find true joy.

To your joy and ours from this day forward!

For more inspiration, you can read what my dad said when I married my husband here.

Finally, if your dad is not going to be a part of your wedding for some reason, remember there are lots of other ways to kick off the reception – with a blessing from your officiant, a speech from someone else who raised you, or a welcome toast from the bride and groom!